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Bleep TS-915 Epos M...
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Bleep TS-915 Epos Machine Help

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Hi guys,
I have a Bleep TS915 Epos machine, I have loaded it with Windows 7, so it has nothing Bleep installed. I installed an Epos Software and the touch screen driver to make the machine function, and everything seems ok, However, I undertand that most things on this machine are contraolled by drivers, which are normally embeded into BLEEPS own Software, that comes with these machine. I do not have any BLEEP Software or Drivers apart from the touch screen driver, and I am having trouble with he Ports on the back of the machine (COMS 1,2,3, and the LAN, and the Draw Cick do not give any output) despite being recognised in Windows 7 and reporting no errors, they just appear switched off, and my need drivers or jumper switches changed to activate, but again without the manual i am also stuck, any help or advise much appreceived. My aim is to make the Ports on the Back Work so that I can plug in LAN cable and bar code scanner. The USB ports do work but I am using these up with Memory sticks.

Also if anyone knows where I might get a downloadable copy of the Manual for its motherboard : TS915 N450, perhaps there are individual drivers for this motherboard somewhere ?
Thank for any Help here ......... ;)

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The hardware specs for that machine;-
15" XGA 350nit LCD Panel
ELO 5-Wire Resistive Touch Panel
Intel Atom Processor D525 (Dual Core, 1.8GHz)
GMA 3150 on CPU Graphics
64 Bit Instruction Set
Memory 4GB Max (DDR2-667)
Intel NM10 Express Chipset
(this is what it looks like http://bleepplc.com/epos-solutions/TS-915.php )
American Megatrends 2009 Ver:51500PM2
Intel (R) Atom (TM) CPU N450 @1.66GHZ

It should be fairly standard - if the serial ports are recognised as native (rather than some funky USB-Serial internal adaptor) then there is no reason for a sensible EPoS software to not be able to use them. You could try just using a com-port tester to send output to them all and see if you get any response on your printer. The Ethernet port should also just work if Device Manager can see it. It's unlikely to be a standard motherboard though - although if you take the machine apart you may find a useful identifier on the M/B to help you identify it.