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Mobile first EPOS system

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Hi All,

I was hoping a few people could give me some honest critique/review/advice/first impressions of a mobile first EPOS system that I've built.

The intentions of this system was to help people and businesses reduce their costs of hardware and in some cases software too, to help them recover from the COVID situation as it's likely hit a lot of business and people quite hard.

So as a software engineer (I'm not a business person) I've built this https://pospal.io which is a mobile first, variant and stock matrix driven system. My Dad, who has been hit very hard over the past several years and eventually lost his business has started again from scratch and with him in mind I've developed this system. So if you need to have product variants, print barcodes, scan barcodes, print or email receipts, see detailed sales reports (for reordering) whilst reducing your overall costs then this system is for you!

I'm really not good at marketing and advertising but I was hoping I could get some feedback or first impressions from the landing page, you're also welcome to register, currently doesn't require payment details to register. The app itself is still in development but I'm hoping to have this released in a month or 2 (apple only for a while, android will be a few months behind). Hopefully you'll get the idea from the gif/video on the site 😀 if you're really interested in checking it out, I can offer test flight download.

Sorry if this post is not allowed, it's hard not to look like I'm advertising but I'm hoping to help people if anything!