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Touchoffice Web Documentation?

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Hello all!

I'm a 5 year hospitality (multiple pubs and hotels) users of ICR Touch, and in general a big fan of their system, and get pretty good support from my local partner company too.

I have a 20+ year background in Banking IT systems which helps me along the way, and I do about 80% of our system management and config myself.

I do have a question / niggle though, about TouchOffice Web and it's lack of documentation:

Touchoffice Web is clearly written to allow the end users access to a fair chunk of the day-to-day configuration and reporting, without having to go back to their partners for every mundane PLU change etc.   However, there is literally NO up-to-date documentation for TouchOffice Web.

If you google around, you can usually find a link old manual that is publicly downloadable from ICR Touch official forum (a rare treat :)) but this manual is 7 years old and missing shedloads of functionality that has been added since then.

Whilst I get that most partners must generate a lot of revenue from the ongoing servicing and support of their customers, there are a few of us more tech-savvie ones around, and an up to date manual would be not just useful, but also indicate good practice on the part of the supplier.   The fact there is an old manual around that hasn't been touched for 7 years is almost worse than there not being a manual, and surely it would also be useful for the network of partners to have a fully up to date reference manual?

None of this is to takeaway from the product.  I am a big fan, although the iPad software could do with a bit of a facelift...  but come on... we could do even more with it if we knew what it all actually did! (And yes, I do ask my partner the questions when I need to, and they are good at answering, but I'm an old-school kinda techie and like to find the answers for myself!).   


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TouchOfficeWeb, by its very nature, requires you to have a relationship with your EPoS provider.  You cannot get it direct from ICR Touch.  Your EPoS provider, who you are paying for TOW, should be able to provide you with a manual and training.


As for "iPad software could do with a bit of a facelift", TOW is a web-based back office, so whether you're on an iPad or a desktop should make no real difference, apart from possibly not being able to edit keyboard layouts.