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Battery specifications

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Hi everyone, hope you all had a great Christmas and New year. I recently came across a really old register over the holidays and need a back-up battery, since it has the original which is dated 10-78. The company that made the register is INOKOSHI and the model number is 102 (Two department register). It original battery looks like a AA cell but there is no info such as voltage. The battery is no longer holding a charge seeing it's nearly 40 years old. I'm not surprised. I removed the battery as it was leaking, thankfully no damage. Removed the plastic cover to see if the information was there, it wasn't. Inside there are three cells linked together but again no information.

Does any know what the voltage is, this register is in full working condition, yes I know it's out of the ark. The fact it's still working I suppose because it was made in 1978.

Thanks for any help
Best wishes MATT

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lol its an inokoshi / cash regas 102 - the logic board i believe is raised between metal sheets with the keyboard connecting with molex to the front. the display cowel was black while the main body was white - with a dark brown/black cash base.

the battery is 3 X 1/3rdAA sized nicads @ 90mAh capacity - you can safely strap 3 aa nimh cells in series and they will do fine.

I absolutely can't believe you have found this machine - it was hard enough keeping them running long enough to get out of warranty - let alone finding one working 35 years later! :?

i believe that the reset switch was on extended cables to behind the front right cabinet screw - the idea being to remove said screw then push the reset switch with a matchstick